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Related post: Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 12:51:32 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: OLuFsEN & SONs 20The story below is a work nonnude boy lolita boy of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or nude teen lolita top in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, in towns, cities, countries, nor governmental areas, which the story tiny lolita models net is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships lolitas horny young latin offends you, then you should loli board cgi pics not read this story. Additionally, if you are under free gay lolita porn 18 years of age, in most state jail bait lolita girls and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding preteen pussy pics lolitas such.% Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.%OLuFsEN & SONs 20 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"Hit me-I think I'm dreamin'!"Zack lightly slapped his brother in the tummy as the two little heads spied on their father's slumbering.Closing the door, Jase's hand remained affixed.Asking the obvious, Zack lolitta 14 16 yo preteen lolita ls land questions, "Did you see what I saw?""I saw... I tiny nude lolitas pics saw..."Then opening the bedroom door ever-so-slowly, the two poke their heads inside. In the pre loli bald pussy minute or so the door was closed, Jalan had turned over towards the door, facing the two boys sneaking a look, their dad right behind, one arm over Jalan's bod."Hey! What are you two little snitches doing?"Catching the culprit, Zack took the heat on account of his hand was still evidence that the two had been spying."Who us?" Jase asks."No," Gef replies. "Your grandmother from Kentucky!""We don't have a grandmother in Kentucky," Jase replies."So, what's the story?"Instead of answering, Nick comes out into the underage lolita top kdz hallway, half-dressed, tossing his tee shirt around to find the holes for his arms. Yawning he asks, "Jalan still here?""You know?" Zack asks, astonished to say the least."You didn't hear it?" Nick free lolita galleries lolitas slipped."Hear what?" Jase asks."Never mind," Nick replies, thinking he shouldn't have provoked the kids into repeating, if they did indeed hear what he and Gef heard, moaning, groaning and other outbursts of sounds unknown to the human lolitas littl underage pantis vocabulary. Instead, he video cp xxx lolita switches strategies, "So what do you two want for nude lolita titties galleries breakfast? Pancakes, waffles... um cereal?" he hoped, which would have been a lot less mess for a Saturday."Pancakes," Jase replies, same time Zack selects, "Waffles!""It's waffles. We lolitas porn bbs young had pancakes last Saturday," Nick chooses."Okay," Jase says preteens dark angels lolitas in a lowly voice.But Nick aimed to please and it would be of no imposition to save lolita angeles 12 year nude lolitas bbs lolitas aside a little waffle batter and fpazoneds com lolita party toss it onto a hot griddle, being they were almost the same recipe. But as loli girl hentai pics the two shooed the boys away, they couldn't' kill their curiosity, taking a peek for themselves!"What do you think Nick?" Gef inquires after closing the bedroom door."I think we better think about getting our own place!""No, stoopid! I meant about Jalan.""What about him? Hot'n'hairy... man I wonder what russia lolita nude old he's packin'?"Nick rolled his eyes. nymphet sex lolita pics loli teen top cp secret dark lolita bbs "You've got me. Aren't I hot'n'hairy enough for ya?"And taking the reigns, 5 10yo lolita pix Gef showed him, backing Nick up little preteens lola model against the hallway sheetrock. After a couple of kisses, Gef lifts Nick's shirt and parks it behind free preteen lolly pics his neck. "Mmmmm," he says as he licks around preteen models lolita naked Nick's hairy nip.Just as Gef was getting into it they hear Zack yell, "Hey Nick! When're you gonna make the pancakes?"Stopping his nip-attach, Gef straightens up and says, "I thought you were making waffles?"%Even though it was lolitas 10 12 yo Saturday it was Dario's turn to man the computer center at Erik-Gef industries. little lolitas com pictures Someone had to be there day and night, in 15 yo russian lolita case of a foul up, virus attach or any other glitch requiring tech support. Once every two months Dario had to rise at five, shower, shave, dress, chow down breakfast and be on the road by six-thirty. Fortunately it being Saturday, traffic wasn't much of a chore."How you feeling today Dare?"Sitting at the table, eating his cornflakes so slowly they were soggy, Dario replies, "Fine."Jay wasn't convinced. Making up some coffee he asks, "How did you and Terron make lolitas nude nature beach out last night with your little talk?" He knew, Terron coming back, jumping in nude lolita schoolgirl galleries the sack and repeating everything back to him almost word for word, but he hairy pussy lolitas preeteens wanted to stimulate flat chested lolitas nude conversation in order to make sure Dario young lolita nude sex was okay."Fine," came the single-word reply, along with a lowly attitude."Dare?" Jay asks."What?""Stand maduras espanolas pay lolitas up?"He knew what was coming. He's seen it often when Terron felt down in the dumps. He could fight the feeling, but somehow free lolita model tgp he wanted to feel it. Throwing his spoon into little lolita non naked the bowl he backed away from the table. And acting like he didn't know, asks, "What?""I think you need this."Standing there, arms flopping to his sides he allows Jay to migrate his hands between his arms and bod. As Jay's chest zeroes in on his own, hands ascend up his back, softly rubbing it."I'm sorry things turned out so awful for you. Both Terron and I feel so responsible for your asian lol bbs tgp unhappiness and I livedoor lolitas bbs tou want you to know, from the bottom of my heart I'm so sorry."He felt it coming, the tears forced back, but the dam breaking. Offered, he slowly lifted his arms, following Jay's lead, his palms flat, following the plane of Jay's form. "It's nobody's fault but my own. I allowed myself to fall into this.""How could you help yourself?" And as Jay thought, "Terron is so cute and at times so helpless and..." Breaking their hug off, but still clutching his 'brother-in-law', Jay stares Dario in the face and confesses, "Terron isn't the only one who has a deep affection for you Dare." And straightaway Jay kisses Dario on fat lolita pics free the lips."Oh good!" They hear cheerfully from the other side of the room, the doorway leading from the living room to the kitchen. "You lolly child models russian guys kissed and made up?"Staring each other down, it young lolitas angels cutie wasn't Dario's problems which irked the two. Thinking early teen lolita free back to seconds preteen virgin lolitas nude ago, the two smiled at each other, Dario and Jay thinking lolita nude best paysites of what Terron just said and how cute it sounded!%"Where 'are' they?" Zack asked the consensus as he, his brother lolita bbs the remix and uncles sat little loli girls net there enjoying their small piles of pancakes."Exactly what I'm wondering," Gef questioned also.Thoughts of Erik and Jalan lay on the minds of Jase and Nick, though they didn't say."Hey guys," came lolita list cp hard the reply from the stairs.And much to their own curiosity as Erik and Jalan appeared, Jalan greeted them, "Good morning gentlemen," adding a personal, "Jase," looking towards Zack and "Zack", free lil lolitas nude private lolita model video his attention drawn to Zack."No! I'm-m-m Zack and he's Jase," Zack pointed with his fork."Oh lolitas 8 16 nude I am so lolita list links bbs sorry." And then changing 8 y o lolitas his mind, "Now I remember. Zack, preteen russian lollitas nude you are nine and Jase," he places his hand lolitas young best bbs on his shoulders, "you're ten!"Things then had bottomed out, lolita sex high res silence filling the gap for a virtual non nude lolita few seconds."How about some pancakes?" Erik asks Jalan."Oh no. I should be getting back to Aunt Rose's lolita underage models pussies place. I'm sure the boys will be missing me."Then Zack comes little lols models pics up with a bit of brilliance, "Why don't you just have lolita and c p them come bondage rape lolita porn over here? Uncle Nick can make up some more pancakes. Right lolita maxxx bbs forum Uncle Nick?"He nymphet lolita cp pthc wasn't prepared to, since he and Gef had something planned this morning, but replied in child lolita real video a sketchy manner, "Um sure. No problem."But Jalan insisted he better get on home. While Jalan and Erik said their goodbyes, Nick confronted the boys, telling them how it's not polite for children to make an invitation without their dad's authorization beforehand, to be made in private and not in front lolita with pubic hair of a preteen lolita russian mod guest.Jase suggests, "They aren't `guests'... well new preteen lolita sites almost not."Having a surefire free lolita naked pics reply amatuer lolita underwear models at hand too, Zack annexes, "Declan, Patric and Travis are practically our brothers!"Nick under 14 sexy lolita and Gef exchanged glances. Too, they were convinced there was more to all this than loli bbs ls studio a one-night-affair. Still, he gives a word of caution, "I don't think you should mention this real lolita top sites beastiality 14 yo lolita to anyone unless it happens boys."They accepted it, stuffed the last bit of pancake in their mouths, chewed, swallowed and washed it down with the rest of their milk. Before they pick up and leave the kitchen, Jase says "Done," which seemed a signal free litte lolita pics for the boys.How surprised Nick was when, before they headed off for some Saturday morning tiny joung lolita nude Tv, each took care of their place settings, putting plates, forks and glasses in the dishwasher, Zach grabbing up the placemats as sweet preteen lolita pussy Jase sponged off the table."Oh you boys don't have to do that!" 6yo preteen bbs loli Gef said.Expecting insistence, they got, "Okay!" instead, the sponge and placemats tossed on the table."They were almost finished you idiot!""Oops!" Gef replied, a `wanting-forgiveness' grin on his face.Shaking his head, Nick gave Gef a false slap on the cheek, saying, "C'mon, let's get this mess cleaned up."As he said it, the boys come running in and like days of ole, matter of a month or so ago, Zack and Jase are tugging at their pre teen model lolitas dad's bathrobe pockets."Guess what Uncle Nick?" Jase blurts out.And before Nick can even think of 'what', Zack's informing the two uncles, "Declan, Patric and Travis and their dad are coming over for a barbecue tonight!"And not to legion of doom lolita slight, Jase adds, "And Aunt Rose, if she wants to!"Giving Erik the Vulcan death stare, Nick replies, "Oh really? Well thanks for giving me advance warning!""Yeah um, I lolitas jovencitas videos x thought we'd have it catered?"Gef pats Nick on the lolas 100 top tgp shoulder, saying, "That's why my big bro is president of the company!"Then Erik gets knocked down a peg when Nick asks, "Tell naked little schoolgirl lolitas me, who do you have in mind to lolita x x x cater a barbecue on the same day they have to prepare it, 'without' advance ordering.""Oops!" Erik replies."Nick's right. Every catering place I've heard of requires at least four or five days loliteen models pics free notice," Gef informs.Zack to the rescue offers, "Can't you get those cooks from college to fix us up with some food, Uncle Nick?""Yeah," Jase lolitas little girls pussy supports his bro, "we really junior young lolita photos liked the food they made for hot young loli teens our '4th of July' swim party last summer."And before Nick can say a word, Zack is saying, "And can they make some more of that gooey chocolate cake like last summer?""I like the little marshmallows with the small oranges preteen cp lola pussy in the creamy salad," Jase votes as also a favorite.Shaking his head, Nick replies, "I free lolita xxx megs dunno. I haven't a clue to what everybody is up to today.""Tell them we can pay them handsomely," Erik ups the ante, "like time and a half?""I'm in," Gef volunteers, raising a hand.Nick tells, "We better get on it right away," he taps Gef in the stomach. And as tit-for-tat, "Oh Erik, when you're petite young girls loli finished breakfast, mind wrapping up the leftover pancakes and cleaning up?""No, `we' don't mind at all, lolita child 16 nacked do we boys?" Erik ropes the kids into helping out.And as he`s heard an adult say, "We would love to dad," Zack replies.And Jase, already said in front of the Tv, "If we've got company coming we've got to clean up our room.Zack finishes it best cp lolita site off, "C'mon Jase!"Before Erik can voice opinion, the boys are up the stairs. He replies to himself, "I guess my timing was off!" He scratches his head lolitas pussy gallery russia and first goes after the task of feeding himself.%Copyright 2009 T. Chase McPheeThis story may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without lolitta bondage story archives prior consent from the author.The more you stretch, the free preteenlolita pussy pic more you can fit in... 'spread' happiness! TCMcP.....
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